Chinese BirdandFlower Painting for Beginners(怎样画花鸟画)

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Chinese Bird-and-Flower Painting for Beginners(怎样画花鸟画)


《Chinese Bird-and-Flower Painting for Beginners(怎样画花鸟画)》简介:
  Chinese bird-and-flower painting is the greatest contribution Chinese artists have made to the world of art. Apart from being an independent genre with its aesthetic values, Chinese bird-and-flower painting can be taken as a basic course for studying composition, brushwork and ink – a necessary preparation for the creation of all genres of Chinese painting. Specially prepared for Western readers, this manual with 250 colour illustrations is a step-by-step course of Chinese bird-and-flower painting. A brief history of this great art tradition is included in the manual.作者简介:Ma Zhifeng, also known as Fengchao (”beehive”),was born in 1944 in Cheng’an County, Hebei Province, China. He studied in Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of established artists Sun Qifeng, Zhang Qiyi and Xiao Lang. After graduation he learnt from the bird-and-flower painting master Wang Xuetao (1903-1982). At present Ma Zhifeng is a director of the Wang Xuetao Research Association, vice president of Hebei Bird-and-Flower Research Association, and professor at the Handan Academy of Fine Arts. He is the author of How to Paint the Myna, How to Paint the Peacock and How to Paint the Pheasant and Azalea. His works have been published in art newspapers and periodicals and have been displayed in the Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Bird-and-flower Painting. He gave a series of lectures on the techniques of bird-and-flower painting on Hebei Television.


暂缺《Chinese Bird-and-Flower Painting for Beginners(怎样画花鸟画)》作者简介


《Chinese Bird-and-Flower Painting for Beginners(怎样画花鸟画)》目录:
China’s Bird-and-flower Painting: Its Development and Features
Brushwork, Ink and Colour Skills
Approaches to Bird-and-flower Painting: Copying, Painting From Life, From Memory, and Studying Masterpieces
Painting Flowers
Painting Birds
Painting Vegetables and Fruit
Painting Insects

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